Be aware of Covid related fraud

During the pandemic there will always be some that try and take advantage of others to benefit from the situation. One particular area that has come to light is fraud around the Covid vaccine.

You will never be asked for your bank account details by your doctor or the NHS so if you receive a text or email from someone who asks for your bank details, even if it looks like it has come from a legitimate source, don’t fall for the trap.

Cabinet Office Minister Julia Lopez said:

Many people work hard to pay their taxes, so it’s a gross injustice that fraudsters are shamefully taking advantage of measures set up to help people during the lockdown.

We cannot let criminals profit from the COVID crisis, as every pound stolen by fraudsters could be invested in our vital public services. This is why we are urging the public to report any information to the Crimestoppers COVID Fraud Hotline.

Chief Executive of Crimestoppers, Mark Hallas OBE said:

Fraud against the public purse denies access to vital funds that benefit us all.

It’s crucial that anyone who has information or knows of someone who has fraudulently claimed Government grants or loans to contact our charity completely anonymously and tell us what you know.

The COVID Fraud Hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year on 0800 587 5030 or fill in the simple and secure anonymous form at You’ll be doing the right thing to help ensure the public purse is protected from fraudsters.